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Whilst online brokers have arguably been the most significant influence in the rising levels of demand for trading accounts in recent years, these same brokers are often failing in their responsibility to educate their users. Whilst this failing seems almost counter intuitive, with numerous trading accounts becoming dormant as a result, a number of industries have appeared in a bid to address the rising deficit in trading knowledge. Arguably the most significant of these industries is that of the Live Trading Room.

With the volume of novice traders far exceeding the volume of experienced professional day traders, the value of trading knowledge and wisdom has quickly become evident. The Live Trading Room industry has emerged as the most effective channel for brining novice traders and experienced traders together. Using realtime financial data, these trading rooms offer users a considerable advantage over signal services; the most notable of which is the various platforms' ability to educate users whilst enabling them to place profitable trades of their own.

At, we provide an ongoing analysis of this emerging industry. Over the coming months, we will chart the developments emerging from the Live Trading Room companies, whilst offering advice and suggestions regarding how to make the most from your Live Trading Room provider. Ensure that you check back regularly to see how you can leverage the experience of professional traders in your own trading.

Friday, June 25, 2010

How does your Live Trading Room differ from a Signal Service?

One of the greatest benefits to be derived from your live trading room service is the influence of professional traders on the information conveyed. Whilst more mechanical trading tools like trade signal services typically neglect the importance of human intervention, your live trading room platform will enable you to benefit from trade entry and exit data which has been refined by an experienced trader.

Human Intuition in Your Live Trading Room

Whilst signal services and other mechanically derived data employ the same technical analysis techniques used by experienced traders, human intuition ensures that trade signals prompted by mechanical triggers following erratic market movements can be avoided. The trading room's host can use those same technical indicators upon which the signal service providers base their information to derive their own thoughts on market movements, sorting the resulting signals by likelihood of success. Once filtered, these signals can be communicated to the room's followers. Despite the undeniable value of technical indicators, a lack of understanding renders the resultant data near useless.

Deriving Trading Education from Your Live Trading Room

Whilst novice traders might be imperceptive about the viability of the recommendations raised by a signal service, it is important that these users acknowledge the limitations of such a service. By offering the trader little trading education upon which to base their subsequent development, these traders are forced to blindly follow the signals. With some signals delivering as many as 100 signals a day, blindly following signals can see an account's value diminish quickly. External factors influencing an assets value need to accounted for, and a failure to do so can prove to be a naive attitude to trading. Your live trading room service will add value to the signals provided by providing educational information that will enable you to understand how and why trading decisions are developed. These lessons in trading can prove instrumental in helping you to develop your own knowledge, which in time will enable you to understand how and why market movements can be anticipated.

The Very Human Benefits of Live Trading Room Services

Trade signal services can be a useful tool for trading. The algorithms upon which some of these signals are based are incredibly complex, and the resulting recommendations can offer successful trade suggestions. Be realistic in your expectations of these services though. By neglecting obvious factors effecting the market, these tools can fail to provide an accurate reflection of where the markets are likely to move. Whilst humans are not infallible, their influence can account for those conditions which can't be entered into a computational equation. At the same time, the educational value of your live trading room service is clear.

If developing your abilities as a trader is your intention, then a live trading room platform is the most viable tool for doing so. See how these services could benefit your trading by opening a trial account today.

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